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August 21, 2017

CRAZY Things Caught on Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are for a lot more than watching over your baby, sometimes...they can catch some really creepy things! Here are 17 crazy moments caught on nanny cams. Subscribe to Talltanic 13 - Creepy experience… Back in 2014, a man broke into a home to steal their valuable. He however got distracted when he came across their sleeping baby in its crib. The nanny cam showed the man hovering over the crib for several minutes just watching the baby sleep. Thank goodness in this situation no one was harmed, and the man made off with some cash and a laptop. But it does make for a most unsettling experience. 12 - Who can you trust? These days sometimes not even your own family. This person was using a nanny cam to ensure her elderly parent was safe, and she overheard her own sister trying to convince the parent to cut her out of the will. 11 - Don’t wake the baby… This video was doing the rounds not too long ago, and any non-parents must have looked at this and thought this woman was crazy! But any parent will know she’s not insane, all she was trying to do was not wake her baby up! Her solution did kind of look like something from a horror film, but it totally worked! 10 - Casper the friendly ghost… The footage on this nanny cam leads one to believe that there is a ghostly apparition hovering around the baby. Many say it’s just a trick of light but I will let you be the judge of that. The apparition looks pretty chilled though, but it’s enough to freak even the calmest parents out. 9 - Be afraid, be very afraid… People can be so cruel, and this poor little boy from New York City was at the receiving end of someone taunting him through the baby monitor. The boy managed to tell him mom he was afraid of the monitor and when he cried out one night, the mom came in only to hear a voice on the monitor saying, “Wake Up little boy, daddy’s looking for you.”. This poor child had been terrorized by a complete stranger via baby cam. 8 - Helplessness… It was via a nanny cam that James O’Reilly sadly watched his home burn to the ground. In 2016, the Fort McMurray fires threatened an entire town. The camera sent footage via his cellphone, and as he was evacuating with everyone else, he saw the home gutted in 1 minute and 20 seconds. It’s footage he will never forget for as long as he lives. 7 - Time for a clean? Perhaps, or an out of body experience for the sleeping child? A father was horrified to find this strange light hovering over his sleeping baby, and although some suggest it might be a dirty monitor, others have insinuated that it’s the baby’s “silver chord”… which implies the child is experiencing an out of body experience. 6 - Amen… Not everything caught on a nanny cam is freaky, like this wonderful footage of a 2-year old girl saying her prayers in her crib. 5 - Violated… Apparently, hacking of nanny cams is pretty common, which is pretty freaky to think. A cop managed to hack into a new mom’s nanny cam. Through his smart phone, he watched her whilst breast feeding her baby. The woman’s fiancé had been arrested for marijuana related crimes, and his phone was confiscated, which is how the cop gained access into their nanny cam. This took place last year, and the last update was the cop was still working in the force. 4 - Trick of the imagination… At first glance you would think you were looking at 2 kids sleeping together in a crib. The one child is fast asleep, and the other child looks like he’s still awake. The catch? This family only have one child. So it must have been a little unsettling to find two of them in bed. It could just be the way the blankets are lying, but it does make you do a double take, doesn’t it? 3 - A bit disturbing… Another one that went viral was this footage caught on a nanny cam, which is hard to explain. Some suggest the child is possessed, which I highly doubt and I am sure there is a logical explanation. The kid begins by crying and is a bit frustrated, but what happens next is bizarre. He climbs to the top of the crib and balances on the rail whilst screaming for his mom. He manages to hold his balance for quite a long time before falling back into the cot. Hopefully the mom came in soon thereafter to give him a big cuddle. 2 - Caught red-handed… Thank goodness, a nanny cam was in place in this home, because they were able to catch their nanny burning their child with a hot curling iron. The poor child is clearly distressed, but there is not much he can do to defend himself. She tests the iron to ensure it’s hot first, then goes for his feet and hands. She has been charged with assault, endangering of a child and possession of a deadly weapon. 1 - You’re fired… This guy must have been horrified and disgusted to discover that his maid was using his toothbrush to scrub down his toilet! And that wasn’t all she did! She used the toilet brush to wash his dishes. I’m not sure if this is all a set-up – but I’ll let you decide!

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