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June 25, 2017

The Villisca Axe Murder - TRUE STORY | GHOST CRIER

A little SPIRIT COMMUNICATION never hurt anyone? In this case... it may have SHINED some light on this COLD CASE. Thanks to KELLY, PAT, & their FRIENDS/FAMILY, the allowed AARON to join a SPIRITUS session with them. The results? Amazing. Enjoy. You rock! #highfive Send in your Ghost Talk questions to for on-show response! GHOST CRIER is SPONSORED by KEN BOGGLE @kenboggle THANK YOU TO OUR 'SILVER' PATREON PLEDGES: ~MARC MAGSAYSAY Team Member(s): NICK SIMONS | TECH TRAVIS SHEPHERD | HISTORIAN LINDSAY DOYLE | TALENT/CHEF Show Notes/Links: VILLISCA AXE MURDER HOUSE WEBSITE: KEITH WELDON | CREATOR OF SPIRITUS APP This is our GHOST ADVENTURE to create a career out of supporting the community with ghostly content by presenting fun reviews, interesting investigations, & talking hot topics; to link us GHOST HUNTERS together. #ParaUnity Please visit our PATREON page if you would like to support us with a $1.00 monthly donation - AND don't forget to 'LIKE (if you liked)' 'SHARE (if you have the time)' & continue the conversation in the COMMENTS SECTION (no trolls... uh oh)! *CREDITS (where it is due... I can't be a one-man band, & this is my 'thank you') The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl Network Dystopian Paradise (All-Show Opening Music) Motive Direct Pictures Crew (Tech and Video Work/Assistance) =-=-=-==-=-=-= ★ GHOST CRIER PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS – SOCIAL OFFICIAL WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER PATREON INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE ★ AARON G THOMPSON - SOCIAL TWITTER SNAPCHAT TWITCH.TV =-=-=-==-=-=-= DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to be paranormal experts. Anyone who claims to be a paranormal expert is wrong. We have had TONS of unexplainable & potential spiritual encounters; and our knowledge is based on written material, video observation, open forum, & field experience. Our opinions are our own - though exact & passionate sounding... they are opinions (word & action). Thank you.

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